Fascia? What is that?
The fascial system is a tough connective tissue in your body.  It is present throughout the entire body, surrounding structures and holding shape. It is truly three dimensional with each part connected to all others in a web. It is so important that it is present in every structure and system of the body.  Composed of both Elastin and Collagen fibers with am embedded ground substance,  fascia requires a specific type of work. Most easy to effect is the elastin fibers, most traditional therapies can change this. But collagen is more difficult to effect, the sustained holds characteristic of Myofascial Release is one of the reasons for the effectiveness of this therapy.  The ground substance, which is supposed to be gelatinous, can thicken and dehydrate. MFR helps convert this back to the more fluid, life supportive state.  Without addressing all aspects of fascia, results of treatment will be temporary.
What do I wear for my treatments?
The therapist needs to be able to see your body and access your skin. Loose gym shorts are good for men to wear and women can add a sports bra, or a two piece bathing suit works just fine.
What should I expect for my first appointment?
First appointment will consist of filling out health forms and forms that indicate where you have pain or dysfunction. An interview will come next where you are able to discuss what your needs and goals may be. After that we will treat.

How many treatments will I need?
That is as individual as you are. Some problems are simple, others more complex. Everyone needs a different amount of treatment. You usually feel changes beginning within a couple of treatments. In general 12 to 15 treatments make a major difference. Again this is highly individual and merely a general guideline. Most chronic conditions didn’t happen overnight, and can’t be unraveled overnight either. In most cases maintenance or intermittent follow up care is helpful to prevent return of symptoms or to keep you at peak performance. Maintenance treatments are wonderful to keep any new issue from becoming a larger restrictive or painful pattern.
How often do I need to come?
Our bodies remember where we are now. So whether we hurt or not, it returns to where it is used to being. The frequency of treatment depends on if your problem is long standing or recent and what your healing goals are. Optimum frequency is twice a week, with that dropping as your situation improves. This lessens the tissue memory issues that can bring a return of your symptoms. Our bodies are accustomed to how they have been whether or not it is painful. It takes time to over come this. This is also where your daily ‘homework’ will come in. Don’t think though, that if you cannot come twice a week this is not the therapy for you. Whatever frequency you can manage, we can effect change.

How do I set goals?
Sit quietly. Notice your breathing. Notice your posture, noting with curiosity any areas that bother you. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself. “What do I want?” the answer may take many forms. Don’t worry if no answer comes, or if it is simply something like… “I want my back to stop hurting so much”. Your goal will be very personal, unique as you are. Write it in pencil. You will likely amend or add to this as you continue in treatment. Goals are meant to change and flow as you do.