Myofascial Release (MFR)

The main modality used here is Myofascial Release as developed and taught by John F. Barnes PT.

Myofascial Release consists of sustained pressure applied to restricted areas of the body. It is a manual therapy technique applied with hands on skin, no lotion. At times it is stretches, again held a long time.  It is the long holds and gentle pressure that give the profound results this therapy provides.

Pressures are usually light and gentle, with deeper pressures as the body calls for it.

Because your treatment will be intuitively designed for you, there may be other techniques or modalities like Therapeutic Touch or Visceral Manipulation Lymphatic Drainage Therapy mixed in. All this is  applied using the Myofascial principles of never forcing and following the body's messages.   We both follow your body and let your needs guide our choice of technique. 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

LDT is a wonderful complementary therapy offered here. Often in combination with MFR and other modalities, this very light touch gentle therapy supports the flow of lymph through the body. This flow can be increased many times to aid in healing and support of health. A marvelously relaxing treatment.

Therapeutic Manual Therapy

This can be anything from effleurage strokes customarily from Swedish Massage, to Trigger Point therapy to energy work.

Equine Myofascial Release Therapy

Same work, different animal. Literally. A wonderful grounding treatment to aid both the equine athlete and it's rider. If you ride, and want to take your riding to the next level, try this work for both you and your horse. Achieve balance in yourself, and an intuitive connection to your horse.

Myofascial Release therapy used in combination with Therapeutic Touch energy work can seem miraculous.