"I've had fibromyalgia for over a decade and haven't been able to find lasting pain relief until I discovered myofascial release therapy. Ami is an advanced practitioner and was the first first person who'd actually helped me and made a difference in my life. I've tried acupuncture, traditional physical therapy, and chiropractic, but nothing worked. I've tried all kinds of massage therapy, but the pain would always return. After getting an intensive (a bunch of treatments in a row), I felt a rapid improvement in my condition and the pain and exhaustion weren't ruining my life anymore.
I'm very happy I found Ami and would recommend her to anyone with muscular pain, especially fibromyalgia."

Kim, Cary, IL

"A friend recommended Ami for my neck and shoulder pain. After going to a few visits, not only did my neck improve, but I was also able to breathe much deeper and easier than before. My acid-reflux symptoms reduced dramatically too, which was an unexpected bonus."

Gloria, Schaumburg, IL

"You could have massaged my lower back for 5 hours and not done what MFR did in one hour. I think the difference between massage and MFR is that people expect to feel deep pressure on the surface like massage. MFR has less pressure but somehow it is deeper, reaches deeper."

Bill Visconti, Mundelein, IL

"An observation:
Okay, remember when you were asking me about what I see when I look up?
Physically today, I can look up high....before last night session whenever I would look up, my trachea would feel constricted(maybe by a tight platysma?) and cause coughing stopping me from looking up.  Today I have free motion, without constriction or constricted breathing! Thank you....I'm thinking looking up equates to asking for help...something maybe I haven't done enough of if I choose to carry so much around.

Mary O, Elgin