To Play or Not to Play?

   That shouldn't even be a question. Of course we should play-definitely, without a doubt. Participating in fun activities is one of the best parts of life. It can't be all work, grocery shopping, raising the kids, and paying bills.

   Spend a day at the golf course, go skiing or sledding, and in warmer months go hiking or mountain biking. The key is to enjoy yourself and find balance in life. We all need exercise and we all need to play. But sometimes the time spent playing has a negative side effect: pain.

   The great day on the golf course turns into next morning's shoulder stiffness and swelling. The skiing lesson you took-the one where you laughed because you spent more time in the snow than on your skis-becomes tomorrow's all-over body pain.

   Does this mean you should avoid these activities? Of course not. Instead take care of yourself before and afterwards. Make sure to stretch thoroughly before you begin.  Play with awareness. Just like an exercise program, if you are starting a new activity, don't overdo.  And if pain still shows up afterwards or the next day, consider a treatment. Having a myofascial release session right away can save you from suffering through a few days or a week of pain. It can also address the problem before it becomes something chronic.  Treatments usually include suggestions of home stretches or self treatment techniques.

   Many of the specific stretches are in handout format, for you to take home. If these are done they will help continue the healing benefit of your visit. Likely you will end up with a plan to take care of yourself whatever your favorite playtime activity. So have fun and while you are at it, try something new!

   We are here to help you. And just to nudge you, we've got a coupon for $10.00 off at the bottom of this page. Just print it and bring it in to your visit!

Until Next Month,

Be Well.


Client Experience


   I had younger relatives in town from Florida over their Christmas break. Of course they were thrilled it snowed literally every single day. My youngest nephew wanted to go sledding. He said we all should go. There was a voice in my head that asked "is this really a good idea for a 40 year old woman with fibromyalgia?" But I ignored the voice. It was all about being with the kids and enjoying winter fun, something I never do.

   Soon we were all at the hill with our sleds, the kids sliding down one by one, laughing and screaming, and often wiping out. I gave in and boarded my sled and zoomed down the hill. It was exciting. I had a blast! But on my last run down I wiped out like the kids did. I span around in circles while sliding downward then flipped off my sled and tumbled to the bottom like a rag doll.

   I got up and shouted "I'm o.k." and gave the thumbs up. I was just like the kids out having a fun time...until the next morning. When the alarm clock beeped, I reached to turn it off but my head wouldn't lift off the pillow. My neck muscled couldn't lift it. With the sound blaring in the background, I frantically used my hands to lift my own head and roll out of the bed. Later that day when I spoke to the other adults I found they were pretty beat up too. The kids on the other hand were ready for another day at the hill!

   I knew I'd better handle this situation before it turned into a week of miserable suffering. I called Ami and scheduled a myofascial release treatment. I got pain relief that same day. My next week at work was enjoyable. My other relatives moaned and groaned all week: "Oh my back!" and "Oh my hip!" I felt sorry for them, but at least I took care of myself.

Next winter when the kids come I'm definitely going to go sledding again. I'll add a few more precautionary layers of padding, and I now have Ami's phone number pre-programmed into my phone!