Procrastination & Fear 

You may be wondering what procrastination has to do with myofascial release. Why is it even being brought up, much less delivered to your inbox? And fear...come on, who's afraid of going to a massage therapist?

Yet procrastination and fear weave their way through many people's lives, often in ways they themselves don't fully understand. For example, your neck hurts but you can't find time to come for a treatment. You go home, eat dinner, then sit and suffer through Dancing with the Stars followed by another favorite show. Or you do come in fairly regularly, but are afraid to "let go" and unwind. You think: It's not o.k. to lose control, but I want to get better. Followed by it's not o.k. to lose control, but I really do want to get better. This insane ping-pong contest fills your mind during the session and ruins your chances for healing.

Then there are the people who get spooked. They came in for a relaxing treatment and were totally calm, but began unwinding and opening up right away. They had what they call "strange experiences," like intense heat burning their skin, or uncontrollable coughing, or instantaneously bursting into tears. This was not what they expected and they never come back. It's sad, though, because these open people could be helped much quicker than the ones who come regularly but can't let go.

Then there are the people who take procrastination and fear to another level. One such person is my mother. (And yes, she did say it was o.k. for me to write about her.) She was excited about the outcome of my two weeks of treatments. She kept asking, "That pain is really gone, huh?" "Yes," I replied. "You should call Ami and get one done. I think it will help you too."

Weeks passed and my mother still hadn't called Ami. I did see her spending tons of time helping other people out though. So I asked her again, "Hey, did you contact Ami?" "Oh no, not yet," she said. "I was remembering how you said it was physically exhausting, so I'm planning to cook a bunch of meals ahead of time and freezing them." I smiled. My mother was trying to wrestle with this one.

More time passed and I asked my mom again. She responded, "Yeah, I'm gonna call, but I remember you said it was mentally exhausting because I will go back and relive my past and have to let go of it." She went on, "I looked at my calendar and with Easter coming that won't work since I'm having everyone over. Then I'm having the house painted shortly after that..." I smiled and stared at her, recognizing her crap. She quickly caught on and said "I just have to find the best two weeks to go through all that."

One random day my mom announced "I called Ami and set up my appointments." I smiled and said nothing. I think she finally realized there is no best time to have a transformative experience that will improve the quality of her health and of her life. For myself, I realized she would go when she was good and ready.

You will know when you are ready too.




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