Psychic Vampires

 Recently I was at work and had what I thought was a silly discussion with a co-worker. I told her even though I slept 8 hours per day, I often felt tired, exhausted actually, not even caffeine could do the trick.

   My friend suggested I get a physical, said I could be anemic, or worse, diabetic. I took her advice and visited the doctor. They called me back with the test results and to my surprise everything was great. All my numbers were where they were supposed to be. I was happy about this, but still feeling tired almost every day.

   Back at work I explained this to my friend. She looked at me and with a straight face said "you know what it could be then? It could be a psychic vampire." I wanted to burst into laughter, but I didn't want to offend my friend, she looked so serious. She went on to explain in broken English that in Russia-where she comes from-this is a widely-held belief. I feigned interest to be polite and thanked her for the advice.

   Now I love vampire stories as much as the next person, but I wasn't buying it. Maybe I just need some vitamins, I thought; a trip to Wal-Mart was in order.

   A week or two later I came to my scheduled myofascial release visit with Ami. During the treatment, I mentioned the always tired issue, and the positive test results, and then the unthinkable happened: Ami mentioned the phrase psychic vampire.

   The hair on my arms stood up. I could ignore my crazy Russian co-worker, but Ami saying something usually catches my attention. Plus, hearing it twice in one month, regardless of the source, must mean something.

   I decided I would accept the idea and relax while she worked on me. She suggested to me that this person I was worried about, we could send them their guardian angel to watch over them. And that person I was feeling sorry for, we'd do the same, send them their angel to help them out. She told me it was o.k. to care, but that I couldn't give them all my energies anymore. She told me "I'm going to give you your power back." I opened one eye, kinda questioning, then just closed it and surrendered to the idea.

   I left the session, went home and collapsed on the bed and slept for 6 hours during the afternoon. It was a deep sleep, almost like I'd taken flu medication. When I woke up I felt different.

   The next day at work people treated me different. I didn't worry about all the normal things I ruminate over each day in my personal life. My boss looked at me and asked how I was, what was going on. I replied "I got my power back." A confused look settled on her face and I explained the story. Her reply was "what the Hell took you so long?"

   We laughed and made light of it, but because I love research I later looked up the term on Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia. I was surprised to find this is considered an actual phenomenon. There is no scientific proof, of course, but it was actually a topic of a 1930's book by Dion Fortune called Psychic Self Defense.

   Although I usually follow Oprah's book club suggestions, this time my gut instincts tell me to check this one out. Hey, if this is what it takes to get all my energy (or "power") back-reading old, out-of-print books, getting some treatments, and taking multi-vitamins, then that's just what I will do even if it doesn't make logical sense.

   *A note to newsletter readers: the above mentioned book is available from Amazon (used copies), but I couldn't find it at any library. It is also available for free online. All you have to do is search for the author and title and you'll see it in PDF format.Note from Ami. Carolyn Myss has a wonderful book, "Sacred Contracts" has a marvelous discussion of this and other powerful archetypes.



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