Team Healing

This month's newsletter is about healing. What does it mean? How do you get it? How do you describe it?

First off, let's start by discussing what it means. It could mean curing an illness. That is the most common idea which comes to mind. Getting rid of pain or symptoms and living free of their influence. Of course everyone wants that, but sometimes it's not possible.

One client has said lying works. Instead of talking about her pain when someone asks, she lies and says she's doing much better. Somehow it tricks her mind and the pain seems to actually subside, allowing her to live a fuller life. I guess that takes us more into the second question, though: How do we get healing?

The answer is we get it in so many different ways. It can be found in a passage of a book. One line, one quote that has meaning for you. That changes your life or your outlook on life. It can be a traumatic event that jolts you out of unconsciousness and makes you appreciate the wonder of your life. It can be a therapist, a friend, a pet, or a walk in a favorite park. Most of the time it is never one particular person or thing. Most of the time healing is a team approach.

Lastly, how do you describe healing? Each of you has your own answer within yourself. Below is a client's experience on healing. This is what it means to her.

Client Experience

With chronic muscular pain I felt my life was limited. I could work only at a desk. I couldn't walk too much. I couldn't wear high-heeled shoes and feel sexy...the list goes on and on.

Finally, I got tired of the word "can't." I mean really tired of it! I researched what could be done to get rid of my problems. I went to doctors, tried medications, but nothing made my problems go away. Nothing healed me.

As the years passed I stopped being angry about my chronic pain. I found a line of comfort shoes that were stylish and somewhat sexy. I decided I would find all kinds of little things to help me.

After the shoes, I found a book. After the book, I stumbled on Ami. Getting treatments on a regular basis has allowed me to take a job where I stand up and walk around all day, freeing me from the desk, which I felt was my only option before incorporating Ami and myofascial release treatments into my life. I then heard of a Buddhist monk that lives in the area and teaches meditation. I contacted him to meet and talk about life in general. Now we talk every other month and he's got me reading books that have calmed my inner self. After the monk, I was surfing the web and found a marriage counselor. Talking to her, instead of always with family and friends has helped me out so much. I was amazed to find some of my pain came from my childhood. (No wonder the pills the doctors prescribed didn't make the pain go away!) While seeing the counselor, she gave homework assignments: watching specific films, writing problems in a journal, attending seminars.

I didn't realize what I was doing. But I had assembled an entire healing team! Lying in bed I smiled as I thought it over, cracking myself up that I had "people." Just then my cat jumped up on the bed, snuggled up on my pillow facing me, and stretched out his paw and layed it on my cheek--his green eyes looking intently into mine. I smiled. Of course he was the chief healer, the others he reminded me were "people."

Together they have helped transform my life.



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